Amusing Legalish Sounds

This is intended to be an ad hoc review of amusing sound clips related to legal issues. This presentation is intended only as cinematic criticism (and is therefore fair use under copyright law).

These sounds were sampled in mono, 8 bits, 11kHz -- for each, I've provided the length in seconds and the size of the .wav file.

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     "Clarence Boddicker ... you are under arrest ... you have the right to remain silent..."
     "[spits] F*ck you! ... aaaaugh! [sound of body thrown through window] Hey, wait a minute! Wait a minute! I'm protected, man! I've got protection!"
     "... you have the right to an attorney..."
     "What is this shi--eeeeaaaugh!" [sound of body thrown through window]


Big Easy

     [handcuffing miscreant to his car] "A patrol car is going to come by for you in a little while. Now if you do anything to my car, if you even get your fingerprints on the paint, they are going to beat the ever-living sh*t out of you, ha? Now do you fully understand each and every one of these rights as I have explained them to you?"


King of the Hill

     "Have you tried using FOIA?"
     "Enacted in 1966, the Freedom of Information Act -- or, FOIA -- gives any citizen the right to request access to federal agency records or information."


     "If all you're going on is my confession, forget it -- I'm simply not credible."


West Wing

     "Well, as I said earlier, we can't confirm or deny the identities of any American victims of the bombing."
     "How is it that the United States government, supported by the citizens of Dallas, knows less than CNN, AP, and Israeli TV?"
     "I think that the citizens of Dallas will understand that the 1974 Privacy Act precludes me from discussing those details until the family gives its consent."
     [Not really true, but having the Privacy Act mentioned on prime time TV is fairly amusing!]


   Check out my sounds from other movies!